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EHRbase Installation

EHRbase by default is built against Postgres.

The easiest way to get started with it is by spinning up an EHRbase Postgres database and an ehrbase instance using Docker.

Start PostgresDB

A preconfigured Postgres DB can be spun up using the image.

docker run --network ehrbase-net --name ehrbase-postgres \
-e POSTGRES_USER=postgres \
-e PASSWORD=postgres \
-e EHRBASE_USER=ehrbase_restricted \
-e EHRBASE_PASSWORD=ehrbase_restricted \
-d -p 5432:5432 \

Start EHRbase

To start EHRbase you can simply use the Docker image provided at

docker run --network ehrbase-net --name ehrbase \
-e DB_URL=jdbc:postgresql://ehrbase-postgres:5432/ehrbase \
-e DB_USER=ehrbase_restricted \
-e DB_PASS=ehrbase_restricted \
-e DB_USER_ADMIN=ehrbase \
-e DB_PASS_ADMIN=ehrbase \
-e \
-d -p 8080:8080 \

This will start ehrbase without any Authentication mechanism configured. See the Security section for details on how to configure security.


EHRbase supports a wide range of configurations. Some of them you can find in the Explore section, and for others, you can check out the configuration module in GitHub.